First Round Fitness

First Round Fitness was created in 2016 by Justyn Page. The drive and push for FRF really came into function after being in a near fatal incident which landed him in a critical condition. He has now devoted him self to his brand and all that it represents striving to be one of the key player's in the health and fitness industry, with years of experience, who comes from a competitive boxing background. Justyn and the FRF family thrive on delivering the highest quality services to each and every client.

Along side working 1-1 with clients, FRF are working with young people in different environments to bring a safe and effective service that will encourage Focus, discipline and determination through the means of sporting activities. The aim is to use variety of vigorous exercises and pad work which in turn will increase students focus and creates a fun and exciting environment to learn and train. 

Online Coaching


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