Ceo and Founder of First Round Fitness

Justyn Page


Justyn Page was a competitive Boxer from 13-26, competing for 13 years allowed him to engage in the sport at the highest level. He started boxing at 13 after being bullied at secondary school he suffered low self-esteem and found that he hated school. Once finding his love for boxing, it opened new doors for him, which allowed him to travel across the world boxing in Ireland, America and various other countries boxing for both London and England Development squad meant he has fought at some of the highest levels. Justyn created discipline, drive and determination through boxing.


After turning 24 Justyn decided he wanted to turn pro and started liaising with promoters and trainers across the UK. He then suffered an unrelated medical issue and had to be sedated into a coma when his heart stopped. He spent weeks and months battling to get back to some sort of normal fitness level when he was told he could not box again, which spiralled him into depression. 


Justyn decided it’s his passion for boxing and being unable to box he wanted to create a company that would keep him close to the sport and reform students lives, which is why he created FirstRoundFitness.



Charles Oshodio


Charles is still an achieve competing boxer having been introduced to the

sport at a later age he is slightly regretful that his age has held him back

and couldn’t achieve more within the sport from a competitive angle, he

has though found the amount of discipline and focus you need to apply to training and your lifestyle when boxing has been like no other that he has experienced before.


Charles wants to use his experience and expertise in the sport to inspire

the next generation of boxers. He has studied the greats from across the

world but is truly inspired by those who have come from a Cuban

upbringing, which lead him to learn more in regards to their salsa and

rhythmic training they incorporate when training. As a bonus element

Charles and First Round Fitness and have now teamed up to incorporate

Salsa and boxing within elements of the non-contact program.