Prices for 1-1 personal training 

1 X PT session £45

5 x PT sessions £200 (£40 per sessions)

10 x PT sessions £350 (£35 per session)

20 x PT sessions £600 (£30 per session)

Personal training is designed and delegated to clients specific needs and requirements. Session prices are based on 1 hour outdoor sessions or if client has space where session can be held. 

Prices may vary if session is a shorter period of time or if client insists on a gym or indoor space to be hired. 

We will try to accommodate all needs but currently work predominately within west and north west London but some exceptions may be made.

Nutritional Plan

Nutritional Document £45

This nutritional documentation will give you in-depth understanding of calories and macro nutrients you need to consume for your specific body type and goals, the ideal times as to which you should be eating and how to combine foods correctly, a lot of people normally let their training down at this stage so with the right guidance you will be able to get the best results remember nutrition is a huge aspect. . 

Online (Interactive) Coaching

1 X Interactive session £45

5 x Interactive sessions £200 (£40 per sessions)

10 x Interactive sessions £350 (£35 per session)

20 x Interactive sessions £600 (£30 per session)

Online coaching or as we like to refer to it (interactive sessions) are priced the same as 1-1 sessions this is because you get the same attention to detail, sessions will be constructed for individuals and tailored towards goals, you get a whole hour with your coach the only difference is you may be training through a smart phone or interactive device with the coach watching and craticing movements on the other side.  

Training E-Book

£10 Per E-Book

For those who may not want to have a trainer for every session or other personal reasonings we have put together a range of downloadable e-books which offers a range of different training types and sessions for you to follow ranging from callistenics to weight training to high intensity fat burning sessions.