Each session we run at First Round Fitness is unique. We pride ourselves on great boxing padwork interactive coaching, great callisthenics exercises and knowledge of the human anatomy we will create a session based upon each client's goals. FRF's raw style of training includes pull up bars, dip bars, battle ropes and a mixture of high intensity interval training to guide each individual to their desired goals. 





FRF will tailor each session and make it exactly what it says on the tin... Personal... we will be by your side for your entire fitness journey to help, support and motivate each individual. 


It will be hard work, but using our unique training systems and sticking to a fitness and diet plan tailored to you, you will be in the best condition you have ever been in.



We work closely with schools across London to offer young students the chance to participate in non-contact boxing sessions, which has proven to work well for young students. This gives students the capability to focus on control and discipline. We work closely with schools to reform students behaviour and attitude towards education and learning.

We have a passion to also make a positive impact within our community and the lives of the younger generation. At this point in time FRF's creator and originator Justyn has worked with a multitude of schools across North, and North West London. Justyn uses his unique non-contact boxing classes to encourage the students to focus the mind and develop control in young people.

FRF have worked with a various number of private/public schools with programs aimed at aiding young students from the following establishments;


Roundwood Youth Centre

John Lion Secondary

Sudbury Primary

West Side Young Leaders Academy

UCS Active Day Camps

Kingsbury High


And more recently have started programs with:


Heath side Prep School

Ucs Junior Branch

Crest Academy

For more information Email FRF:  firstroundfitness@live.co.uk




Along with the sessions we run with in the school environment we aim to target some of the more disengaged young people through there local youth clubs we ran non contact boxing classes with a great turn out and feed back at Roundwood Youth Club, if this is something you feel you youth establishment may benefit from get in touch today, we are always happy to take on new projects.  


Online Coaching

As part of our aim to Reach Clients far and wide, We are offering the ability to those who live too far to train directly with the FRF team the ability to access online coaching and support, all you need is a smart phone or tablet and the sessions will be run live and direct by a member of the team. 


The sessions will be created to meet each persons unique goals and will specifically be just like a 1-1 session. The same attention to detail will be given to each client, the only difference is that it will be done though you phone.


If this is something that may interest you please contact us today. 

Nutrition Plan 

Whether you are just starting on your fitness journey or you have been training for a along time, what tends to hold people back is their understanding with food.  At FRF we tailor diets that will help you reach your specific goals, and aim to give you as much of an understanding as to why certain foods and combinations are needed during specific time periods. 


To find out more information about our plans contact us:


Email FRF:  firstroundfitness@live.co.uk